Sample Tenancy Agreement

The below sample tenancy agreement contains a sample of clauses taken from our tenancy agreement template.




3. Deposit

3.1 The Tenant shall pay to the Landlord upon the signing of this Agreement a deposit of [deposit amount e.g. £1000] (the “Deposit”) which shall be held by an appropriate regulated deposit scheme. At the end of the tenancy, the Deposit shall be returned to the Tenant subject to any deductions made in accordance with this Agreement.




6. Tenant's Obligations

6.1 The Tenant shall:

(a) pay Rent at the times and in the manner aforesaid;

(b) pay all charges in respect of any electric, gas, water, telephonic and televisual services used at or
supplied to the Premises and Council Tax or any similar property tax that might be charged in addition to or replacement of it during the tenancy;

(c) keep all fixtures and fittings, including all items on the attached inventory, and the interior
of the Premises in a good and clean state and
condition and not damage or injure the Premises including the fixtures and fittings, or the items on the attached inventory (fair wear and tear

(d) yield up to the Landlord the Premises including the fixtures and fittings, the items on the
attached inventory, and all keys and security devices, at the end of the tenancy;

(e) not make any alteration to the Premises including the fixtures and fittings, locks, or any other items belonging to the Landlord, without the Landlord’s prior written consent;

(f) not do anything at the Premises which:

(i) may be or become a nuisance or annoyance to any other occupiers of 
 adjoining or nearby premises;

(ii) is illegal or immoral; or

(iii) may in any way affect the validity of any insurance of the Premises or the items listed on the attached inventory or cause an increase in the insurance premium payable by the Landlord;

(g) not without the Landlord’s prior consent, which shall not to be withheld unreasonably, allow or keep any pet or any kind of animal at the Premises;

(h) not use or occupy the Premises in any way whatsoever other than as a private residence;

(i) not assign, sublet, part with or share possession or occupation of the Premises, or allow lodgers, paying guests, family or children to occupy or reside in the Premises without the Landlord’s prior written consent;

(j) allow the Landlord or anyone with the Landlord’s
written permission to enter the Premises at reasonable times of the day to inspect its condition
and state of repair, carry out any necessary repairs
or maintenance, or during the last month of the
tenancy, show the Premises to prospective new tenants, provided, except in an emergency, the Landlord has given not less than 24 hours’ notice;

(k) pay the Landlord’s reasonable costs incurred as a result of any breaches by the Tenant of his or her obligations under this Agreement;

(l) pay interest at an annual rate of [number] percent above the Bank of England base rate from time to time prevailing on any rent or other money lawfully due from the Tenant which remains unpaid for more than 14

(m) provide the Landlord with the Tenant’s forwarding address when the tenancy comes to an end and remove all rubbish and all personal items, including the Tenant’s own furniture and equipment, from the Premises before leaving;

(n) inform the Landlord as soon as practicable of any repairs required in accordance with clause 7.1 (c) or other matters falling within the Landlord’s obligations;

(o) take all reasonable precautions to prevent condensation by keeping the Premises adequately ventilated and heated;

(p) at the Tenant’s own expense, keep all smoke alarms in good working order, provided such items were in good working order at the start of the tenancy, by replacing batteries where necessary;

(q) at the Tenant’s own expense, replace promptly all broken glass of the Premises with the same quality glass where the breakage was due to the negligence of the Tenant;

(r) at the Tenant’s own expense, replace promptly all expired electric bulbs, fluorescent tubes, and fuses;

(s) if the Premises is a flat or maisonette, obey fully all rules or regulations imposed by the building’s management company or superior landlord by which the Landlord is bound, provided that the Tenant is first made aware of such rules or regulations;

(t) not keep any dangerous or inflammable items or substances at the Premises, save as those reasonably required for household use;

(u) fasten all locks and bolts on all doors and windows of the Premises at night and when departing the Premises; and

(v) not smoke or permit smoking of any substance in the Premises.




9. Deposit Deductions and Return

9.1 The Deposit shall be held by the Landlord under an appropriate regulated deposit scheme and shall be refunded to the Tenant at the end of the tenancy less any reasonable deductions properly made by the Landlord to cover any reasonable costs incurred or losses caused to the Landlord by any breach of the obligations in this Agreement by the Tenant. No interest shall be payable to the Tenant in respect of the Deposit.

9.2 The Deposit shall be repayable to the Tenant as soon as practicable subject to the Landlord’s reasonable satisfaction that no money is payable under the Tenant’s obligations under clause 6.1 (b), and subject to the Landlord’s reasonable assessment of the cost of any repairs required as a result of any breach of the Tenant’s obligations or other sums properly due to the Landlord under this Agreement. Notwithstanding, the Landlord shall not, save in exceptional circumstances, retain the Deposit for more than one month after the end of the tenancy.

9.3 The Tenant shall not be entitled to withhold the payment of any installment of Rent or any other monies payable under this Agreement on the grounds that the Landlord holds the Deposit or any part of it.




The above sample tenancy agreement contains some sample clauses that have been lifted from the tenancy agreement template, which is available for instant download.