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This template employment contract is drafted in accordance with the Employment Rights Act and is required for the employment of any individual within a business. The employment contract template sets out the key specifics of the job, for example the job title, salary, place of work and hours, as well as a range of more descriptive details of the employment, for example employee duties, holidays and sickness standards, and reasons for termination. The contract has recently been updated to include provisions for automatic enrollment under the Pensions Act.

The template employment contract also contains a number of detailed sections for good practice, for example a full code of ethics and restrictions on outside work to limit conflicts of interest, a detailed confidentiality section, rules and conduct for the use of IT and mobile equipment, health and safety requirements, and many other provisions. This employment contract, which is downloadable immediately without sign-up, can be easily edited or expanded for any alternate or additional requirements.

Format: .doc

Words: 3950

Pages: 10

Contents of Employment Contract Template

  • Title, date, parties
  • Definitions and interpretation
  • Job title
  • Reporting, who the employee's manager will be
  • Place of work
  • Duration, including commencement date and (optionally) an initial probationary period
  • Other work, restrictions on other employment or work
  • Salary and payments
  • Expenses
  • Hours of work, for example usual office hours, breaks, and requirement for flexibility
  • Duties, including obligation for using reasonable diligence, and observation of policies and procedures
  • Holiday, for example amount, holiday year and carry-over, public holidays, and authorisation
  • Health and safety
  • Absence and sickness, such as certification, expectations during sick leave, and other types of leave
  • Medical examinations
  • Dress code
  • Ethics, in line with anti-bribery guidelines, covering an employee's behaviour
  • Confidentiality, preventing the employee from disclosing confidential information
  • Staff records and data protection
  • Security and property, including conduct during the use of company equipment and physical access rights
  • Notice and termination, such as reasons for termination and the effect of termination of employment
  • Pension, covering automatic enrollment in to a pension scheme
  • Miscellaneous, for example methods of notice, statement of entire understanding, waiver, enforceability, and jurisdiction
  • Signatures

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